I create automated, industrial-grade algorithmic trading systems for my own use and share my journey with other traders who are interested. I call my automated systems 'Trading Minions'. It's easy to 'trade like a machine' when a machine is doing the trading. When I'm not thinking about trading systems, I make real machines, like steam engines. I also play a little ukulele. Well, all ukuleles are little, aren't they?

  • PGH says:

    Your thought experiment at the end of this article would be interesting – viz withdrawing some capital – as those of us in a self funded retiree status or full time traders need to be able to do this to eat πŸ™‚

    My original thoughts have been let things compound for a little while yet – build this “trading ship” to carry a “cargo” that falls with the range of Platinum Modelling before drawing down on this capital. I’m also looking add more capital regularly over time – especially using your new feature of “Non-Broker” Funds.

    Hopefully, in the not too distant future, I will be looking to redraw some funds and so this idea will be of great interest – especially in terms of timing – namely when it optimises the Equity Curve/Overall Performance and Drawdowns to do so.

    It also raises another question in terms of withdrawing some funds to build another “ship” – i.e. providing some seed capital to diversify into an other “adventure” – Bali Sky maybe .. so as to have a portfolio of trading ships out there πŸ™‚

    • Mike says:

      I intend to ponder it (and probably model it) to while away the in-flight hours later this week.

      A nice idea to build up a ‘fleet’ of systems, all with their specialty…


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