I create automated, industrial-grade algorithmic trading systems for my own use and share my journey with other traders who are interested. I call my automated systems 'Trading Minions'. It's easy to 'trade like a machine' when a machine is doing the trading. When I'm not thinking about trading systems, I make real machines, like steam engines. I also play a little ukulele. Well, all ukuleles are little, aren't they?

  • PGH says:

    This is so similar to my feelings and responses to how Clipper is trading.
    For me, it was initally the financial diversifying of systems that was attractive and it has done this so well. However, I’ve found that it was this added psychological benefit that was the real bonus – especially as other systems, like you noted, have regular losses and then occasional larger winner. Clipper has kept me mentally in the game too.
    Many thanks

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for your feedback Peter. It’s surprising how subtle the changes in trading psychology are and how those changes can be brought to light by a consistent change in trading performance.


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